• About Priscilla Francis

    Hello! I am Priscilla Francis, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, Reiki Certified Healer, and the owner of Gem Counseling &  Consulting Services located here in Houston, Texas. My private counseling practice offers services to individuals, couples, family and children whose past trauma and or mental health interfere with their daily life. My goal is to assist you in identifying the challenges that are impacting you from having the life you choose. 

    My background as a social worker has guided me to work with children and families in foster care, in a medical clinic offering therapy services to Houstonian living with infectious diseases, and seniors receiving dialysis. All of these unique and wonderful  experiences have guided and cultivated my style of counseling over the last 11 years. Seeing a family separated due to mental health or substance abuse, a client battling a life threatening  illness and a senior coming to terms with their end of life brings a humbling experience to counseling. 
    I have witnessed the value of resilience through healing. In my practice, I work with clients to offer individualized treatment to who you are as person, rather than cookie cutter services. The stigma associated with therapy and mental health, especially in the minority communty is damaging. Our fear of looking “crazy”, especially in todays’ society continues to hold us back. You are not crazy for getting the help you need. You deserve to heal. Your community needs you to heal so you can give back in a healthy way. Your healing is your community healing.

    My dedicated goal is to plant seeds of thought that will blossom into a productive future to help you become stronger and more self-aware.